Ask Me Anything – Video Playlist
Definitely one of the most common questions I get with a not-so-simple answer. #AskMeAnything on social media and I’ll address it in future episodes each week.


Gear of The Week – Video Playlist
By popular fan request through social media, Tom takes some time each week to quickly demonstrate a piece of gear in his studio. He offers a brief description of the origins of the gear he’s using, how he uses it in his compositions, and why it continues to remain in his arsenal.


Intro Video
Back again!! But before we begin, a few important words.

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Studio Time: S2E1 – Composing for Strings (Part 1)
In this episode, I discuss how I wrote a key theme for the film “Brimstone”. I’ll explore the melody, how I transcribed it for strings, some notes on harmony, and finally show you the final result with the recorded orchestra. I’ll also discuss the various plug-ins I use.


Intro Video
Personal introduction from Tom Holkenborg about the “Studio Time with Junkie XL” tutorial series. The series will give aspiring composers, producers, and musicians a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a Hollywood composer. The tutorial topics will range from technical advice, such as string and drum arrangements, to programming tips and advice on how to channel your musical influences.

Template Setup and Workstation Layout
This video is the basis for the tutorial series. In this episode I show you around my set up, my workstation if you will. I like to have my things in a certain way which I show and I also show you how I work in Cubase 8. We look at the arrangement and mixer window. As I show you how I create things it is good to get a basic grasp of my set up so you can translate that to your own set up and understand and apply.

Mixing Template
This is a continuation of the “Template Setup and Workstation Layout” video. Here we look more in-depth into the mixer window. By showing my set up and my inputs, you get a good idea of my mixing process.

Mad Max: Fury Road – String Theme
How I did the strings for the Mad Max: Fury Road “Furiosa theme”. I show you how I start with a simple melody on the piano, then harmonize the melody by using my string banks going all the way to an orchestral arrangement. I speak about my thought process behind scenes and why I make what decisions.

Mad Max Drums
How I created the drum sound that relentlessly drive the film Mad Max: Fury Road. I talk about the kind of drums I used and show you how I program them. I show you the customized Native Instruments Kontakt sampler we created and talk about velocity, higher and lower octaves and a bunch of other drum related topics.

Mad Max Guitars For Doof And More ax Drums
In this tutorial I talk about the guitar sounds in Mad Max: Fury Road. Forever connected to the Doof. I talk about the actual guitars I used, the peddles, and amps. Plus how I used multiple layers of guitars with the help of Cubase. I also share the actual guitar play up close. Enjoy!

Mixing Big Action Drums
Based on the Mad Max Fury Road drum rhythm I created for the drums in Episode 4. In this episode I show you how I use plugins, EQ, compression and limiting to create my signature drum sounds.

Fab Filter
Fab Filter plugins played a pinnacle role in mixing, automating, and creating the Mad Max drum sounds. In this episode I experiment with the Simplon filter and timeless delay.

Touchscreen Workflow – Studio Time with Junkie XL
In this tutorial I talk about how my custom-made touchscreen allows me to work efficiently and effectively with Cubase. I show you how I use the touchscreen to hide and unhide tracks in a big template, manipulate the velocity and placement of parts, and more.

Studio Time Tweets – Studio Time with Junkie XL
In this tutorial I answer some of the most asked questions that fans have submitted over Twitter. I talk about my reverb setup, how to inspire yourself to write music, what inspired me to write the Run All Night soundtrack, and more. Thank you for all of the questions!

The Music Behind Run All Night – Studio Time with Junkie XL
In this episode we listen and explore the music of Run All Night as I add my commentary on how and why I created certain sounds in this score. I begin with a short synopsis of the plot and share some inspiration for some crucial themes of the film.

Synths of Deadpool
A walkthrough of the synths of Deadpool and a taste of the Studio Time with Junkie XL to come! More info coming soon!

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