#NowScoreThis – Black Mass – Composer Competition – Winners Announced

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Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL’s introduction video to thank all the composers who submitted this scores for the #NowScoreThis – Black Mass – Composer Competition. “These are my top 3 scores of the many many close contenders. A round of applause everyone. You all get the Junkie XL stamp of approval!” -Tom

1st Place: Sergey Asbel

2nd Place: Nik Sharshak

3rd Place: Efraín Alejandro Méndez


I’ve seen your studios and shown you how I work in mine. Now it’s time to see what you can do!

Here’s your chance to show me your composition skills!

What theme would you have written for James “Whitey” Bulger from Black Mass? What instruments and notes would you have chosen to make viewers feel the weight of his character? Upload your theme for Whitey Bulger here to enter the #NowScoreThis competition.

The top 3 submissions will be announced and each winner will receive a fun package. The 1st place winner will enjoy (hopefully) a one-hour Skype session with me to talk about anything and everything! Show me what you can do!

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