Junkie XL “Molly’s E”

Here we go friends! I am currently working on my new album which will be released early 2012. To get you in the mood we now have previews of a new teaser track called “Molly’s E” on the top of this page, and a free downloadable remix available below. This track will be released digitally on September 5th with an early release of August 22nd on Beatport. Stay tuned for more news! Love Tom.


Official Press Release

Junkie XL is currently working on his new record which should be released early 2012. To give you a taste of what is to come he is releasing this teaser track called Molly’s E. To spice things up he added a supreme remix package with Azari & III and Canblaster. Junkie says:”Get ready folks I am working hard to Xpand some limits.”

Molly’s E is an epic cross over between big room disco, epic house and space ambient made by the likes of The KLF early 90′s. It’s a fantastic voyage, at it’s high-point an euphoric orgasm dreamt by
super humans with a break reminiscent to the Velvet Underground’s Nico playing the harmonium. It’s traditional in its build up, out-of-it in sounds, and it has already proven to turn dancefloors inside out.

Azari & III are the Toronto based house quintet who are about to release their debut self titled album. They have been building momentum with already classic tracks like: “Hungry For The Power”, “Reckless With Your Love” and the new single of the upcoming long player “Into The Night”.

Canblaster is young French based producer (22) and part of the ubercool Club Cheval collective. He released Master Of Complication earlier this year which shows off his incredible talents, Cedric Steffens is one of the most talented producers to have hit the electronic worlds in recent years.